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For Parents, Students, Teachers and Administrators

Transparency   Accountability  Fiscal Responsibility

For the sake of our children and their future the time has come to take a stand by reporting incidents of violence, efforts to indoctrinate both teachers and students. We know that the administration is dedicated to promoting a new and dangerous agenda of racism under the guise of "antiracist" propaganda. We know that the administration is failing at educating our children. We know that the administration is trying to hide their failure by blaming all that may go on outside the classroom rather that accepting responsibility for what goes on in our schools. In short, we know they have lost their way. It is our responsibility call them to account. 

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On A Mission To Protect And Educate Our Children


In order to do so we must promote and DEMAND transparency in all things happening in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System and to advocate for FULL TRANSPARENCY of EVERY action taken by the Board of Education and it's members.  We advocate for NO closed door meetings and  demand that each individual member share how they voted on every item on the agenda.  We have a need and a right to know. 

We will advocate for prioritization of SAFETY in our schools. We  advocate for teachers being allowed to teach and demand that they not be allowed to perform any functions for which they are not properly trained and licensed.

Teachers are NOT medical professionals. Teachers are NOT psychatrists. Teachers are NOT social workers. If a teachers observes anything that could potentially require the attention of any one of these professionals their sole responsibility must be to immediately make the appropriate referral and return immediately to the mission for which they have been trained. They must teach our children and prepare them for the world.

Should any teacher become aware of the dissemination of materials such as books, flyers or other media which is in violation of North Carolina law they a both duty and legally bound to report that immediately to the appropriate authorities including the local sheriff. This includes , but is not limited to books or other material that promotes ANY sexual or violent behavior. We will be citing the NC Code on our website.

Should any employee become aware of the existence of contract that disperses funds not in keeping with the regular and appropriate procedures including a proposal and approval by the person or persons designated to have that authority they are duty and legallly bound to report that violation. 

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